Our mission is to accelerate the uptake of personalized medicine.

Fueled by decentralized ledger technologies, Coral Health aims to align the interests of different players in the healthcare ecosystem. Personalized medicine leveraging the Blockchain has the potential to be one of the most dramatic healthcare innovations of our lifetimes.

Durable Lab Records

The power dynamics of health information control now favor the patient. Laboratories post patients’ encrypted test results to the Blockchain. Only the patient can provide read access to third parties.

Health Tip Marketplace

Doctors bid to provide highly customized health tips to patients based on information on the Blockchain. Only when a patient selects a winner does that doctor see the patient’s information and send them a health tip.

Smart Health Insurance

Insurance companies provide automatic drug authorization based on patient lab results via smart contracts. The insurance company enjoys tremendous cost savings, which are shared with patients through lower premiums.

Public Health Improvements

With healthcare ecosystem incentives aligned, patient records are securely and rapidly printed to the Blockchain. With patient authorization, public health authorities monitor localized disease symptoms and intervene, potentially preventing a pandemic.

Critical Secure Access

A patient arrives in a catatonic state in the emergency room. With pre-approved decryption privileges, doctors immediately access the patient’s pharmacogenomic data, providing swift, customized, and life-saving treatment.

Clinical Trials Recruitment

Drug companies collate a list of potential clinical trial participants by searching patient metadata. A patient is alerted that a drug company is offering payment to access their information. The patient decides, approves and receives payment.

Current System

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Coral Health System

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