Solutions for Providers and Labs

Less time document processing, more time delivering personalized care.

“The average doctor spends just 60% of her time each year seeing patients and documenting their care. She spends the other 40% processing 3,744 administrative documents, 750 school and camp forms, and chasing down 600 missing lab and imaging orders.”1

Secure patient information

Connect patients to their data

We build a persistent connection between your EHR system and our patient app using FHIR standard APIs. Patients authenticate once and then receive notifications each time new records are available.

Encrypted and secure connections

We securely encrypt both static and dynamic patient information, ensuring HIPAA and GDPR compliance by default. With our system, only the patient has access to their data unless they specifically grant decryption access to another.

Distributed technology

We use distributed database technology to store encrypted files so that patients always have access to their data, and we further protect this data using decentralized technology to prevent any tampering of patient medical information.

Provide critical data access

Personalize care

We make it easy for patients to securely share their medical records so you have the complete information you need to tailor patients’ care.

Care coordination

Stop guessing and get real-time notifications when your patients fill prescriptions, visit other providers, or are discharged from the hospital.

Reduce administrative work

Seamless data exchange

Cut out the fax machine by securely accessing and sharing information electronically. Our decentralized systems make data exchange between labs, payers and providers simple, eliminating the cumbersome back and forth of communicating by fax.

Real-time eligibility checks

Coral Health enables patients to automatically grant payers’ smart contracts read-access to the data they need, so you can get instant information about patient insurance coverage.

Automated prior authorizations

We’ve worked with payers to write their medical policies into smart contracts that can review patient treatment requests in real-time and come to automatic determinations regarding whether a patient is covered for a treatment. Your patients get the care they need faster and you don’t have to waste time filling out prior authorization forms.

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Reclaim access to and control over all your medical information.



Cut manual effort and costs by automating multi-party administrative processes.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Access the critical data needed to facilitate life-saving drug discovery.

Public Health Authorities

Public Health Authorities

Isolate and respond to disease outbreaks before they spread.