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Easily target your studies and only pay for data from actual patients.

“19% of trials close because they can't hit recruitment targets.”1

As payer approvals increasingly require real-world outcomes research, and patients have access to more therapeutic options, drug discovery today is heavily reliant on identifying specific patient subpopulations.

The Coral Health marketplace allows patients of any type to participate in studies posted by researchers. Patients are able to securely share portions of their medical history to prove that they meet the study’s selection criteria and receive compensation directly through our app. Because our marketplace is patient-permissioned, any type of research is possible.

Only pay for data from actual patients. Coral Health integrates with patients medical records so that you can easily target your studies.

Real-world studies


Gain insight into how patients are actually using your treatments.

Treatment effectiveness

Assess the real-world effectiveness of your treatments and compare outcomes to those of your competitors.

Treatment landscape

Learn which patients are being prescribed your treatment and where in the treatment landscape your product falls.

Market research

Patient preferences

Find out exactly what features patients want in a treatment.

Willingness to pay

Find out how much patients are willing to pay for both current or upcoming treatments.

Clinical trials


Quickly assess sample size feasibility.

Targeted recruitment

Reduce recruitment spend by only marketing to patients who qualify for your study.

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Reclaim access to and control over all your medical information.

Providers and Labs

Providers and Labs

Seamlessly view your patients’ full history so you can focus on truly personalized care.



Cut manual effort and costs by automating multi-party administrative processes.

Public Health Authorities

Public Health Authorities

Isolate and respond to disease outbreaks before they spread.