The Coral Health Token (CHT)

Reclaim your medical records & directly benefit from data sharing.

Coral Health is building a more connected future in healthcare by putting patients in control of their medical information. With our app, patients can securely view all their data and easily manage who has access to their health records. Our blockchain-powered applications use patient-permissioned data to personalize care, simplify administrative operations, and power the next wave of life-saving research.

These applications are fueled by Coral Health Tokens (CHT). We use a standard ERC20 token that is transferred between participants in our system in exchange for data and services. CHTs break down data silos by incentivizing the creation and delegation of health data for automated Coral Health-specific use cases.

We are building a rich ecosystem of features for healthcare participants to earn and spend tokens.

What can Coral Health Tokens be used for?

  • Store, access and share health data

    This will always be a free feature for patients using our app.

  • Graphically track health trends

    Patients who want to track trends in key health metrics, such as their blood pressure and heart rate to better manage their conditions, can spend tokens to unlock this premium feature.

  • Health tips

    Patients can spend tokens to receive customized health tips from a marketplace of healthcare professionals.

  • Targeted promotions

    Healthcare professionals can spend tokens to promote their practice to patients who have opted in.

  • Real-time eligibility checks

    Patients who want to see what drugs and medical procedures they should qualify for, based on medical policies written by their insurance companies, can spend tokens to check their eligibility.*

  • * Currently, this feature only supports hair transplant and laser hair removal eligibility checks for patients with BCBS MA, Aetna and Excellus health plans, but Coral Health is rapidly expanding the number of treatments and health plans included.

Accelerate the next wave of scientific discovery

We’re developing a marketplace where researchers can post the information they need for upcoming studies, and patients can earn tokens either by sharing anonymized data or by choosing to participate in a study.

What are some other upcoming uses?

  • Automated insurance prior authorizations
  • Automated prescription refills
  • Insights into your genetics, including key areas like susceptibility to diseases, ancestry, and pharmacogenetic profile
  • Marketplace to locate physicians for consultations or services

How many tokens do I need?

  • The number of tokens needed will depend on the specific application. Each application will prompt you to confirm the amounts before you are charged.
  • Tokens will initially be sold at a price of 7,500 CHT per ETH.
  • Coral Health will review the price monthly in light of the performance of the platform. Any proposed price change will be publicly announced, along with our reasoning for the change.

How many CHTs are there?

  • There is a fixed supply of 488,157,894 tokens.
  • Tokens never expire.
  • Coral Health will sell tokens on an ongoing basis from our platform.
  • Coral Health receives a small transaction fee (<5%) on all services and applications used on its platform, which we will then resell.
Project Roadmap
June 2017
Coral Health was founded by a team of healthcare entrepeneurs, proven technologists and health policy experts.
August 2017
Founding team develops first prototype for a patient-centric, decentralized method to securely store and readily access patient data
December 2017
White paper and project roadmap released
January 2018
Start of private sale to accredited investors
February 2018
Coral Health secures major investment from STI Financial Group
February 2018
Demo of the patient medical records app released with built-in asymmetric encryption
April 2018
Beta version of patient medical record app released with encrypted records stored off chain on IPFS and integration with our health tip marketplace
May 2018
Health trend tracking and automated treatment eligibility lookup added to the patient app
Create full working version of patient-lab application to use in pilots
Build alpha version of Coral Health patient-lab database, hosted on Amazon S3 interacting with the Ethereum main net (or potentially an isolated side chain)
Create full working version of patient-physician interaction user interface within the Coral Health application
Public token crowdsale begins
Solicit interest for additional pilot programs from laboratories and provider groups (including soft commitments already received)
Begin conversion of seed pilot programs to full programs
Begin sales rollout of Coral Health system to diagnostic laboratories throughout the US and Canada
Begin contracting process for pilot programs with payers in the US
Build beta application for payers to read laboratory information posted through Coral Health
Build initial smart contracts for a select set of medical policies for pilot payers, to be used in a standardized format with other payers
Complete architecture for automated processing of smart contracts with laboratory data used as inputs
Conduct pilot programs with seed payers
Approach provider groups and hospital chains for pilot programs
Begin conversion of payer pilot programs to full programs
Begin sales rollout of Coral Health to payers throughout the US

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